About Me and What I Do


*Graduated from Danny Ward's Horseshoeing School in July 2006
*American Farrier's Association Certified Farrier, May 2009
*American Farrier's Association Certified Journeyman Farrier, May 2010
*American Farrier's Association Certified Farrier Specialty Forging Endorsement, March 2014
* Diploma Worshipful Company of Farriers, December 2014
*Consistently attends continuing education clinics throughout the country
*Regularly competes in forging contests on a national level.

Professional Involvements

*Member of the American Farrier's Association
*Offical tester for American Farrier's Association certifications
*Member of the World Championship Blacksmiths Association
*Vice President of the Pennsylvania Professional Farrier's Association
*Member of the Maryland Farrier's Association
*Member of the Virginia Horseshoeing Association
*Member of the West Virginia Farrier's Association
*Member of the North Carolina Horseshoers Association

My approach to farrier work.
My approach to shoeing every horse is simple: Every horse is different, there are things that I can change and there are things that I cannot. I try to treat each case with care and undivided attention.

Working with such variables as conformation and a horse’s past history, I work to keep the horse sound and the rider safe.

I believe in the basics of horseshoeing and although I am educated in "new" ideas I have found that keeping things as simple as possible will usually produce the best results.

There is no horse that I won't work on at least once. I understand that some horses may have little or no training. Or worse may have come from a neglected life style. Please consider my personal safety when working on your horses. I will refuse to work on a horse that is uncontrollable or is in an unsafe working environment.

Due to safety concerns I do not work on mules & draft horses.

World Championship Blacksmiths contest in Hebron, CT 2012.
Checking shape and hot fitting before nailing on shoe.
Nailng on the finished handmade shoe.
2013 Virgina State Fair Champion & overall VHA Champion