Information for clients

What I Require
Please provide me with a flat, well lit,  indoor area to work where I have access to electricity. 
I drive a 2-wheel drive truck and will need a solid place to park within reasonable walking distance to and from the horse.
I expect the horses to be in or caught and prepared to be worked on. This includes being free of dirt and mud. I may refuse to work on muddy horses as this limits the quality of my job and can be a saftey hazard.
I  schedule every horse immediately after the work is completed. I schedule my follow up appointments for 4-8 weeks. Each situation is different and your horse's needs vary through out the year. The more regularly I see your horses the less likely it is that there will be problems.

What You Can Expect
You can count on me to be on time. I will call you to let you know if I am running ahead or behind of schedule. 

I am extremely picky with the quality of my work - you can count on me to never quit until the job is completed to the best of my ability. As long as the horses are safe to be around, I will give them my undivided attention.

I will be understanding of each horse's individual needs and will work with you to acheive your goals.

Safety is always first. Please do not expect a stranger to work on a horse that you do not trust yourself.

Some of the things I do differently.
HOT SHAPING, Shaping a shoe with a forge and anvil when he metal is heated to an orange color. This allows me to shape a shoe to fit your horse more precisely.

HOT FITTING, After shaping the shoe it is then briefly applied to the horses hoof to burn the bottom of the hoof, this helps to create a better bond between the shoe and hoof and it also helps to prevent bacterial infection.

HANDMADE SHOES, there are a lot of great products on the market but I would have to carry every type of horseshoe known to man. Instead of making a horse sacrifice for only carrying a certain type of shoe I employ my ability to make shoes that will only work for your horse on the spot.  Including corrective shoes.

CORRECTIVE WORK, As stated above all of my corrective shoes are custom made with a few exceptions. I encourage that a veterinarian work with us to ensure the best results for your horse. ( Most times a horse just needs an educated hand to trim or shoe it "properly")

GENTLE TOUCH, I have watched many farriers with sore tired backs take out their pain physically on a horse that may have a sore tired back as well. If I feel a horse is being malicious, I will refuse my services. If I feel that fear or pain is the issue, I will try to accommodate the horse as much as possible. Being calm and gentle has given me more success with horses than being aggressive.